Top-Rated Extended Auto Warranty Companies

Top-Rated Extended Auto Warranty Companies

Your A car warranty is the lifeline your car manufacturer gives you. Like a friend who got your back at everything that might come up, your car warranty does that as well. However, like every good thing in life, car warranties also have an expiration date where your manufacturer no longer has your back. Once that peace of mind is gone, you might panic, which you should not, as there are extended car warranties available in the market to give you some additional years for your car. However, ending up with some of the worst extended auto warranty companies that providers that plague the market right now might cost you a lot in the long run. So, weeding them out and finding the best value and coverage might be your best bet. So, which are the best-extended car warranties available in the market right now, and how much coverage and value they give you.

Before we move to the third-party car extended car warranty providers, I would like to advise you to do some research if your make and vehicle model can get an extended car warranty directly from your manufacturer. It will be a lot more expensive than the third-party options; however, they will provide you some of the best value and coverage. You will also not have to wait for parts, and your car will be fixed if anything happens to it by people who are trained on it directly. So, it is definitely worth the time and investment. However, if the manufacturer does not cover your car or you do not want the manufacturer's extended warranty, here are some of the top-rated 3 party car insurance providers.


Endurance is one of the best car warranty providers providing its services to the masses for over 14 years. Endurance chooses to deal directly with the customer and does not have any middlemen involved. Cutting any middlemen out of their business ensures that claims are handled faster, and the customer is not burdened with commissions. They are very highly-rated and hold a gold certification from the Vehicle Protection Association. Once you get a warranty from Endurance, they get you covered round the clock and will be able to help you whenever you need them. They also have a 30-days full refund policy, so if you change your mind about it, they will pay you your money back with no questions asked. One of the best things worth noting about this company is that they cover cars that are very old, specifically as old as 1958, a godsend for classic car enthusiasts.


CARCHEX is also a very experienced name in extended car warranties. However, they are not a direct provider. Instead, they have to deal with two different companies that give them their plans. Yet, before you give up on them, you should know that they are a trusted and highly-rated name in this business, and not only do they have an A+ Better Business Rating, but they also enjoy endorsements from the Kelley Blue Book and Various companies and entities have also awarded them multiple times for their excellent customer service.

If that did not sell it to you, then here are a few more things about them. Imagine being stranded with a broken-down car in the middle of the night. Well, CARCHEX has got your back as they will rush to you and offer you roadside assistance whenever and wherever you are. They also do not require that you put in a down payment for your plan. Unlike endurance, they will not cover cars older than 20 years. However, they are very affordable as a 5-year plan is only going to cost you 1500 dollars in total. CARCHEX will also refund you your money in the first thirty days if you feel like this warranty is not for you.


The final entry on our list is Autopom, which, just like CARCHEX, is a broker, and they deal with a variety of companies and their plans do vary from state to state, which might limit you. However, they are also not to be taken lightly as they also have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. autopom has a lot of variety which makes it so that they also have many options scaling from just 1500 dollars to 4000 dollars. They have one of the country's fastest approval processes, so rest assured your car will be repaired promptly. They will also give you roadside assistance nationwide, and in case you need a rental car, they have got you covered. autopom also does not limit you to specific mechanics, and they will let you choose whoever you want to fix your vehicle.


So here were some of the top-rated extended car warranty providers in the country in 2021. Check them out, but do your due diligence before you choose a provider.

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