How do I design a logo in Illustrator?

How do I design a logo in Illustrator?

Designing a logo is the next step after naming a company and creating a tagline or tagline that begins to develop your brand. Company logo designs are at the core of corporate identity by defining and symbolizing who you are and where you fit in. The vision of the logo is thought many times when selecting the name and thinking about the iconic symbol that accompanies the name. But how will consumers react? Do you need a symbol or graphic element or just a text logo? What will provoke the emotional response that will make consumers remember the logo and that with products such as clothing makes them wear it? Awareness, acceptability for being fresh / aesthetically pleasing, and proven performance are the driving force.

Acceptability / aesthetically pleasing begins with the name, the logo design, and then the brand's message of the promise to meet your expectations.

The logo design incorporates what you do, who you are, and how you want consumers to remember you. Text Logos, Symbolic Logos, Illustrative Logos - How Do You Determine What Will Work Best?

Guidelines for designing a logo

1. Text logos. These logos focus on the font of the logo and have no graphic design elements outside of the choice of font. Google. There is no symbol or graphic design element in their logo, allowing them to add certain elements for holidays or special events.

2. Symbolic logos. Graphic elements that visually reflect an aspect of the business. A plumber who incorporates a plumber's pipe in a letter of his name or a lawyer who has the scale or hammer next to his name. Before you even see the name, you see the graphic element that tells you what they do.

3. Illustrative. Illustrations/characters tend to focus on a mascot or part of the business that consumers can associate with. An insect or spider or an insect repellent company. This causes something negative but positive: he does not want them in our home.

4. Combination. These logos combine a logo font along with a graphic design element to give the visual image of what you do.

The design of a business logo should also determine where the logo will be rendered. A company that strictly online has fewer challenges in logo fonts, but sometimes more in colors as the display settings change color. A product must take into account the color, the font of the logo, invert the logo to match where it is being reproduced, and develop graphic standards for how the corporate identity will be represented. Determining how you want consumers to see and recognize your business is the driving force behind the logo design.

Iconic logos are the simplest form of logo design. They generally represent a single, simple symbol that signifies a particular aspect of the business. Iconic logos are the most common form of logos, so much so that most of the common logos we see in our day-to-day lives are iconic. Although iconic logos are very simple to build and manufacture, they are very difficult to design despite their simplicity. The designer must analyze the requirements of the company and create a unique symbol that signifies a particular aspect of the company that the company wants to represent. Although it may sound simple, designing an iconic logo requires experienced and professionally trained designers who can conceptualize symbols based on company inputs and specifications, considering all the pros and cons of a particular symbol as a company logo.

Although iconic logos are simple in construction, they have a huge impact on the audience. Iconic logos often become the identity of the company. Here are some examples of iconic logos.

Advantages of iconic/symbolic logos

The development process takes less time compared to an illustrative logo, so it is cheaper compared to the illustrative logo. Symbolic logos can be printed in the smallest sizes without any difficulty. It is easier for the audience to visually absorb the logo and remember the logo longer. The iconic logo can be easily printed with spot colors. The iconic logo is also perfectly printed in black and white without losing its identity. Create an exclusive and unique identity for the company. The iconic logo can be easily edited and produced in various colors. It can be easily embroidered on company shirts.

Cons of iconic logos

It is not as visually effective as an illustrative logo. It is very difficult to create a unique symbol. It requires a good catch line or catchphrase to effectively explain the concept. It can look like clip art if it is not designed efficiently.

Illustrative logos are more complex logo shapes. An illustrative logo is a detailed and much more complex graphic representation of one or more important aspects of a business. Opposite to iconic logos, an illustrative logo is highly detailed and is not easily retained in the audience's brain. There is a particular category of business where Illustrative Logo is best suited. Actually, this depends on the target audience of the company. Oftentimes, companies that offer services such as casinos, restaurants, coffee shops, games, travel, recreation, adventure sports, etc. They opt for an illustrative logo design to connect with their customers. Illustrative logos are highly detailed and eye-catching. Because illustrative logos are very detailed, it is very easy for the customer to understand what products or services the company offers, although a very professional logo designer is required to balance an illustrative logo. There are several ways a business can take to create an illustrative logo.

Using a pet

A mascot is a unique character that is created for a company, event, person, show, etc., to represent a particular set of products or services offered by the company. It can be an animal, a human being, an object, etc. An illustrative logo can be created using a custom-created mascot or character, which, through their actions, represents a particular aspect of a company for which the logo has been created.

Advantages of an illustrative logo

Since this is a detailed graphical representation, various aspects of a business can be easily explained, provided the designer is experienced enough. It is visually more attractive compared to the symbolic icon/logo. The minor possibilities of copycats as an illustration generally represent a particular scenario. Various variations of the character can easily be created to represent another aspect of the business. It looks great when printed on company t-shirts and other accessories. Most effective when encouraged. Cons of an illustrative logo

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