Types of Anti-lock braking system

Types of Anti-lock braking system

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Everything You Need To Know About Anti-Lock Braking System

The anti-lock braking system, commonly known as ABS or anti-skid braking system, assists in preventing your vehicle’s wheels from locking up and enhances steering control while applying brakes. With the continuous advancement in technology related to automobiles, the anti-lock braking system is one of the best features. Over the years, it has shifted from being a new addition to the mandatory features.

It is very common for vehicles to skid on the road. Sometimes vehicles lose its friction with the road and can lead to such situations where it is unable to steer the wheel.

This is the time when ABS comes in handy. The ABS helps you in avoiding wheel skidding and allows the driver to steer the vehicle while applying brakes.

The crucial elements of an anti-lock braking system:

Acceleration sensors - They check how fast the wheels or tires are moving.

Flaps - The valves are in the brake line. They allow block & release pressure on the brakes.

Pump - The pumps are filled with hydraulic fluid. They apply the pressure to the brake drums or calipers on demand.

Reviewer- The electronic control unit is the brain of the ABS and uses data from the sensors to determine whether or not to pump the brakes.

Types of Anti-Lock Braking System

The anti-lock brake system comes in two types.

Four-wheel anti-lock brake system

Rear-wheel anti-lock brake system

The types depend on their ability to hold ab the control of the wheels of the vehicles. Both types have their significance and assist in saving your lives in a moment of panic or any unfortunate event.

Four-Wheel Anti-Lock System

Maneuvering a four-wheel anti-lock brake system can be hard. But you can learn the mechanism by looking into our step guide below:

Push the brakes. The anti-skid braking system will halt the tires from skidding.

Feeling the brake The pedal vibrates and hearing a clicking noise is normal.

Do not pump the brakes as it will deactivate the ABS.

Do not lift your foot from the brakes.

To enable the four-wheel anti-lock system to work properly, keep steering.

Rear-Wheel Anti-Lock System

Steering a vehicle anti-lock brake system can be a tough job for many people. Here you can learn how to use a rear-wheel anti-lock braking system.

But you can learn the mechanism by looking into our step guide below:

To be able to steer with a rear-wheel anti-lock braking system, the driver must ease up the pressure on the brake pedal so that the front tires of the vehicle moving again.

Despite having this ABS, the front wheels can still lock up like the old regular brakes.

Factors About ABS

An anti-lock braking system works with the regular brakes on your vehicle.

The original brake system of your vehicle can still work even if the ABS fails.

This system only activates in panic and slippery conditions that can lead to lock up.

The system is speed-sensitive. So it will not activate at a limited speed.

Some systems are designed to lock up only backside wheels while the advanced one has all four wheels locked up.

A four-wheel anti-skid braking system is a better option.

ABS is now mandatory in all kinds of vehicles like cars, minivans, etc.

The four-wheel ABS allows the driver to steer while handling brakes.

The ABS automatically changes the pressure in the machine’s brake lines to keep the top brake performance.

Benefit of the system

They decrease braking distances as the wheel do not waste distance skidding.

Anti-lock brakes steer clear from wheel lock up and let proper braking on wet skiddy surfaces.

Anti-lock brakes allow you to steer your car around objects, if any, as you still have a hold on the wheels under intense braking.

Drawback of the system

The vehicle with ABS is costlier than the one that doesn't.

The maintenance cost of a car with an anti-lock braking system is high.

Installation of the anti-skid braking system sometimes leads to inconsistent halting distances on different surfaces due to different circumstances.


Driving is a task that needs complete focus and good reflexes. But sometimes no amount of awareness can help in unfortunate weather or situations.

At such times the different types of the anti-lock braking system can save you. ABS is a car feature that can help a vehicle from getting skidded from the road.

Try purchasing the vehicles that come with them as the basic features. To learn more about the anti-skid brake system, follow Locar Deals below.

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