Prohibited items

Prohibited and Restricted Items 



Following items are not allowed to be sold online at Please note that merchants/sellers are responsible for any legal issues and other liabilities arising if you try and sell these items at We will cancel the listing of prohibited and restricted items within 24 hours after we come to know about such occurrence. 


Adult Material (also see Mature Audiences) 
• Alcohol (also see Wine) 
• Animals and Wildlife Products - examples include live animals, mounted specimens, and ivory 
• Artefacts 
• Beta Software 
• Bootleg/Pirated Recordings 
• Brand Name Misuse 
• Catalogue and URL Sales 
• Clothing (used/not new) 
• Comparison Policy 
• Compilation and Informational Media 

Contact Information 
• Contracts 
• Copyrights 
• Counterfeit Currency and Stamps 
• Downloadable Media 
• Drugs 
• Embargoed Goods and Prohibited Countries 
• Event Tickets 
• Firearms, Ammunition, Militaries, Weapons and Knives Fireworks, Explosives and Explosive Substances 
• Games Software: Sony, Sega, and Nintendo 
• Government IDs and Licenses 
• Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Items 
• Human Parts and Remains 
• Importation of Goods - examples include CDs that were intended only for distribution in a certain country 
• International Trading 
• Items Encouraging Illegal Activity – examples include an eBook describing how to create methamphetamine 
• Mature Audiences 
• Misleading Titles 

Human or animal selling and buying is strictly prohibited

• Mod Chips 
• Movie Prints 
• Offensive Material - examples include ethnically or racially offensive material 
• Police, Army, Navy and Air force Related Items 
• Pre-Sale Listings 
• Prohibited Services 
• Promotional Items 
• Real Estate 
• Recordable Media 
• Replica and Counterfeit Items 

• Stocks and Other Securities 
• Stolen Property 
• Surveillance Equipment 
• Tobacco 
• Trademarks 
• Travel 
• Wine (also see Alcohol) 



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